I am pretty sure live view was working normally. But for a few days, I realized if I switch to Live View mode, then the images shown in the Live View are so bright that I can't even see the subject (but the captured image looks fine, which depends on my aperture, focus etc.).

If I press the shutter button to focus, then the exposure in the Live Viewer becomes okay for a moment and then the image again becomes too bright.

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Checkout your screen brightness in the menu option!

  • OP's second paragraph denotes its not the screen brightness, "...becomes okay for a moment."
    – Regmi
    May 24, 2018 at 20:47

Your aperture is wide open until you take the photo. If you have a button to preview the brightness, pressing it will cause the aperture will stop down while viewing. Maybe you are using a high ISO which sets the sensor to high sensitivity?

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