I am using Hugin's align_image_stack --distortion as a first step before median filtering.

Unfortunately, it says No valid distortion data found in lens database

I tried with both a Nikon D5300 and a Nexus 5, both fairly popular products, same message.

Question: How to add the data to this "lens database", so that me and others don't get this message in the future?

  • \$\begingroup\$ wiki.panotools.org/Fulla (in particular the "External Links" section) might be a good starting point for finding the answer, although some of the links are now dead. \$\endgroup\$ Feb 23, 2018 at 8:59

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Hugin used to use the lensfun database. But the 2015 version of Hugin's release notes state:

Lens database

Hugin now has its own camera and lens database, and hugin_lensdb is the maintenance tool.

Lens data is automatically added to the database when stitching a project file from hugin. Data can also be manually added to the database from hugin and from Calibrate_Lens_GUI.

Lens data can be applied to a project in the same manner as previously, in the Photos tab, select an image with right mouse to bring up the context menu and select Lens → Load lens from lens database.

For database maintenance see hugin_lensdb -h, or man hugin_lensdb (Linux and OSX) for details on usage.

On my OSX installation of the 2018 version of Hugin, the calibrate_len_gui.app is in the Applications/Hugin folder, next to Hugin.app, HuginStitchProject.app, and PTBatcherGUI.app. hugin_lens_db lives in the usual Hugin.app packaged Contents/MacOS folder, with aliases in the Hugin/tools_mac folder (outside the package).


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