I want to update my Nikon 5300's A-GPS file.

At http://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/download/fw/111.html I clicked "Nikon 5300", accepted the license, and pressed "Download", which downloaded a file called NML_28A.ee.

Using the D5300 I formatted my SD card (which automatically created a DCIM folder on it) then on my computer (Linux) created a Nikon folder in that DCIM folder and put the file in it:

DCIM/Nikon on Ubuntu Linux

Then I unmounted safely and inserted the SD card in the Nikon 5300 and pressed:

Menu > Setup > Location data > GPS Options > Update A-GPS data > Yes

Problem, I get:

No A-GPS file found on card.

Nikon D5300 No A-GPS file found on card.

What did I do wrong?


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It looks like the problem was that you created the NIKON folder inside the DCIM folder, rather than at the root of SD card's filesystem. From the section Updating the A-GPS File (D5300) at the A-GPS file's download center page (the same one you linked to):

Copy the file to the "NIKON" folder on the camera memory card using a computer with a built-in memory card slot or a third-party memory card reader. The "NIKON" folder should be in the root (top) directory of the memory card; if a "NIKON" folder does not already exist in this location, create one before proceeding.

Move the NIKON folder out of the DCIM folder to the root directory, and you should be good to go.


Format the SD card as FAT (don't use exFAT), create a NIKON folder at the root, and copy the .ee file into it.

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