I have Nikon D750 and just recently bought 3 yn560iv and yn controller tx. I was able to set them up and they all fire, but the flashes only fires once. In order for them to fire again I have to change power up or down on the controller and then it will fire one time again.

  • Possibly related: dpreview.com/forums/thread/3900595 – inkista Jan 24 '18 at 21:49
  • 1
    What debugging/troubleshooting have you tried? AFAIK, this gear combination should work. – inkista Jan 25 '18 at 1:02
  • My initial thought would be that your YN560-TX is faulty and I would begin by investigating that possibility. – Michael C Jan 25 '18 at 19:11
  • Did you find a solution to this? I've got this issue with my Fuji XE-3 and it's driving me mad!! I've got two YN560-TX and same issue with both – Richard Nov 15 '18 at 20:26

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