I use my Canon 5D Mark II with multiple YN-560 Mark IV flashes, triggered by a YN560-TX external flash control. I tried to set up the external flash control but I failed. It says flash is not compatible. Of course all flashes are powered on. I tried to shoot with high shutter speed (<= 1/1000s), but I can only shoot at 1/320 at the most.

What can I do to increase shutter speed?


The YN-560 series are manual only flashes, so they don't support things like TTL or High Speed Sync, which is what you need to shoot above the camera's sync speed. The 5D Mark II's flash sync speed is 1/200s.

For Yongnuo products, you are looking at the YN-568EX II or the YN685, which has a built in radio receiver. You will need a YN-622C or YN622C-TX to trigger these. That system supports the more advanced features that you are looking for.

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