Why do I have to manually focus in "P" ? This lens says AF-S. I have gone through the settings and tried using different focus settings and the camera won't auto focus but I can manally focus. My camera is not on manual settings. I just bought this D5500 after using my D200 since 2006. I'm a female 76 yrs old and my D200 gets too heavy when I'm hiking. I consider myself an advanced amateur. ...not a professional. Is anyone else having this focus problem with the D 5500?


It is highly unlikely that the shooting mode has anything to do with the autofocus settings. If you are using an AF-S lens which supports autofocus on the D5500 which I assume you are, there is a toggle switch switch on the lens itself which switches between Autofocus and manual focus settings. Once that is in the right place, press the information or i button and verify that the display does not say "MF" anywhere. If is does, go ahead and change that to AF and you should be good to go. In case that still doesn't work, you might have back button focus or touch to focus enabled that might be preventing the AF.

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