For a robotics project, I've been testing two cameras

1)ELP USBFHD04H, sensor AR0330, 1/3 inch
2)ELP USBFHD06H, sensor Sony IMX322, 1/2.9 inch

Besides, I've been testing different lenses, all of them using the same M12 mounts:

a)Generic 2.1mm focal distance
b)Runcam RC21 1/3 2.1mm
c)Generic 150° HFOV
d)Generic 170° HFOV
e)Generic 180° HFOV

I'm aiming to have a decent FOV. After trying all combinations, I still haven't been able to understand how exactly FOV depends on other factors. My results so far:

1 combined with a,b,c,d -> Really narrow FOV, around 90°. Not really much difference between them
1xe -> Wide, more than 170°
2xa -> Narrow, around 90°
2xb -> Wide, around 160°
2 combined with c,d,e -> Wide, aprox. corresponding with what is marketed.

So, after some testing, the results are not really consistent. I would really appreciate some insights. Thanks

  • Please provide more information about the lenses (i.e., specs, or links to their info or sales sites). Are you sure the stated FOV is horizontal?
    – scottbb
    Dec 30 '17 at 10:30

Math using Excel to find angle of view

The image sensor dimensions = D The focal length = F

Focal length mm = 50mm

Height format mm = 24mm 27.0° vertical angle of view

Length format mm = 36mm 39.6° horizontal angle of view

diagonal mm = 43.27mm 46.8° diagonal angle of view


Hope this helps!

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