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I have used a lense filter. Still some red spot appeared in my click.Please help me to sort out this problem. Thankew.

  • What type of filter did you use? A graduated ND filter or a polarizer? Or a UV filter because you believe it provides your lens with "protection?"
    – Michael C
    Dec 27 '17 at 15:44

This looks like ghosting or other flare caused by a reflection off the back of a lens element or filter. Flat filters are often the most obvious offenders.

If you are using a UV filter for "protection"¹, remove the filter. If you are using a graduated ND filter or a polarizer, you must weigh the benefits of the filter versus the benefit of not having a reflection.

¹ For a thorough look at the disadvantages/advantages of using UV filters for "protection," please see this answer to is uv filter a must?

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