I recently began using a Zhiyun crane with my Nikon D750 and I am trying to find out if it is possible to focus the camera and/or trigger the video on the camera by means of a remote control.

As it is, reaching for the focus while managing the crane is an exercise in dexterity, so if there is a way to focus and start/stop the video using a remote that would be really handy.

Thanks for any insights.


The general term for what you're trying to do is called tethering. The D750 supports tethering quite well. You can remotely set exposure settings, engage autofocus, trigger the shutter and/or start video recording, as well as preview and transfer images.

Note that video production usually relies on manual (perhaps motorized) focus control, via a focus puller. There are several options on the market for motorized focus control, and for adding follow-focus gearing to photographic lenses. Note: These options are beyond the scope of this site, but are on-topic at the Video Production Stack Exchange.

Some tethering connections can be made wireless, some are strictly wired. As a starting point, I suggest the following:


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