I know this probably won't work but it is a fun idea.

The GoPro Hero 6 was recently released for $450 with 4k 60 and 1080p up to 240. This is nice but the GoPro is not a flexible platform but is much cheaper than a camera with 4k60 and interchangeable lenses.

My plan is to get an older micro four-thirds camera, take out everything in the body and replace it with a GoPro with the lens removed. In theory, I would have 4K60 with much more flexibility for much less than other cameras. I am far from a camera expert and the main issue that I can think of is the different sensor sizes and how that changes the effects of different lenses. I am not locked to a micro four-thirds body but I thought that sensor size would be the closest. I did some googling and couldn't find the GoPro sensor size.

  1. Is there any way this would work? If not, why?
  2. Would different sensor sizes be an issue?
  3. Is there another camera type that might work better?
  4. Are there any other major issues that I am missing?
  5. Has this been done before and is there an existing guide on how to do it?

If I did do this I would probably use a nice GoPro Chinese copy, like a Yi camera or something.

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    Vote to unhold. This could be used for stills and video. Since it's on hold I can't post an answer. The OP might want to consider the Ribcage, a DIY or completely assembled GoPro or Yi camera with interchangeable C-Mount lenses for 5-7 hundred ready to use: back-bone.ca/about-ribcage . – Rob Dec 13 '17 at 18:24