I want to know how I could import a RAW file from an Olympus E-PL2 to Lightroom 3.3. If not possible, how I could as least view this in Windows 7 and Vista?

I installed the Raw Codec from Olympus but am still unable to view it properly on Vista (on thumbnail). Is Adobe Camera Raw the solution? I downloaded the Cameraraw 6.3 update but don't know how to update it.


It is now supported in the LR3.4/ACR6.4 update.

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Windows update

Mac update

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  • It is worth noting that the update is free from any 3.x version of Lightroom. – Itai May 12 '11 at 15:42

Capture One supports the E-PL2 as does Bibble though neither are free. Trial versions are available, though, so you can at least test them out. You never know, you may prefer them.

I suspect that your codec isn't working for one of the following:

  • Not 64 bit on a 64 bit Windows platform
  • E-PL2 format not actually supported

Did you get the codec from the Olympus website or did it come with the camera?

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The E-PL2 is not supported by Adobe Camera Raw prior to version 6.4 (for Lightroom 3.4).

In order to import raw files for the E-PL2, you should first update to Lightroom 3.4 or later.

Prior to Lightroom 3.4: One workaround is to change the exif data to show the camera as an E-PL1, but this may not actually provide perfect support, as it is possible that the format has changed slightly.

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