I have a good Canon DSLR camera, and now need good flash equipment. My aim is to do portrait, product, events (parties), and dance photography. I'd also like to use multiple off-camera flash units. I also want to give the same capability to a second photographer (or camera) without switching hotshoe items. My budget is up to GB£1000/US$1300.

After some homework and researching (see my other questions), I have (nearly) committed myself to getting this list:

  • YongNuo YN-600EX-RT-II * 2
  • YongNuo YN-E3-RT * 2
  • Canon 600EX-RT-II

This would give me:

  • Three flash units, fulfilling my multi-flash goal (more would be definite invisible overkill for any shoot imho)
  • Two remotes to share or comfortably switch cameras
  • One true Canon flash unit to make sure that I get the full compatibility with at least one solo flash, in case there are quirks with the Yongnuo units.

I'm also not unduly breaking my bank, due to my choice of predominantly (cheaper) Yongnuo units.

Before final committing to this investigated list, and given my above aims, Could someone do better in my choice of equipment, or reasoning of choosing this equipment?

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The limitations of going with the Yongnuo cloning of the Canon -RT system are that you only have speedlights for future compatibility, or you have to use 3rd-party add-on receivers for studio strobes, which will be manual-only (no remote power control, HSS, or TTL). Yongnuo only supports TTL/HSS for Canon/Nikon at this time; and is only just starting to release Li-ion packed speedlights (e.g., YN-686EX-RT). The -RT system does not mix well with the all-manual 60x/560 or 622 triggering systems Yongnuo makes.

It's a good system, and has great features, particularly for a Canon-only shooter. But if you ever plan to add studio strobes to the mix, can become frustrating. And it's still cheap Chinese gear.

If you are going professional, something harder-wearing might be worth looking into, such as the Phottix Vings, or more OEM flashes.

And if you have to go with cheap Chinese gear, then the Godox X system has better expansion options, has been doing Li-ion speedlights for a while now, has TTL/HSS support for Sony, Fuji X, and micro four-thirds, has cross-brand support, and the TTL and manual-only speedlights work together in the same triggering system used by Godox's Wistro AD bare-bulb and battery-powered monolight, and series II plug-in strobes.

See also:


I have a Godox V860II, and I am very happy with it. Max recycle time of 1.5 sec and about 600 full power shots on one battery. It is a bit big, but i'm not sure if the options you selected are smaller or lighter.

I would suggest 1 x V860II, 2 x TT600 and of course a an X1T radio transmitter. Make sure to buy the canon versions for the V860II and X1T, they are usually called X1T-C etc. TT600 should work fine on both Nikon and Canon.

  • I love the battery pack with the fast recycle time, 1,5 seconds or 3 seconds really make a huge difference if you are in a hurry to take a picture. Apart from that, Godox also makes many studio devices which are fully compatible with the ones i mentioned. I don't have any of them though, that's why i did not mention it. Apart from the battery pack, I believe Godox and YongNuo are pretty much equally good. I have also heard a lot of good things about YongNuo, and could just as easily have bought it instead. – Orbit Nov 5 '17 at 20:30
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  • Your recommendation is helpfully aimed at my goals. I think its a good answer, I was not familiar about Godox. (I also did not downvote this answer, which shouldn't have happened imho) – Florian Mertens Nov 6 '17 at 20:33

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