Totally new to Photography,

I am trying to take hemispherical photographs using a D700 And A Fisheye-Nikkor 8mm f/2.8 lens for my research. And i am required to set my camera as follow [Exposure - Set up the camera so that it takes 3 photos at each point{Point being the same position} (2 f-stops below automatic exposure, 1 f-stop below automatic exposure and at automatic exposure). This can be achieved with bracketing starting at -1.]

And I have no idea what, any of those words mean and what to do.

Any help please


Set the camera to A (aperture priority) exposure mode. Set Exposure Compensation to -1. Set Auto-Exposure Bracketing to 3 shots with intervals of 1 stop. Set the AEB order to -, 0, +.

For how to set exposure compensation, AEB, and A exposure mode, please see the Nikon D700 User's Manual

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