i was wondering if anyone knows where to get decent macro lenses cheap, for a Canon EF-S body. If you can help, please do.


Side stepping the question slightly, there are other options for less expensive Macro work.

One is a "closeup filter". These fit on the front of existing lenses and shift their focus into the Macro range (and only that range -- you can't just focus back to normal ranges without removing it). Decent ones will run you $50-$200 range, and provide quite good results.

Another is "extension tubes". These are simply spacers which allow a normal lens to focus closer, and have no optics inside so can vary from quite cheap, to fairly expensive (notably if they pass through all the smarts for lenses such as auto-focus and aperture control). Since a lot of Macro work is easily done in manual mode, this can be a relatively inexpensive option. Like the closeup filter these have to be removed for normal operation.

Both of the above (and variations like extension bellows and lens reversers) are not as convenient as a macro lens, and tend to work only in a specific working distance range, but can provide a relatively low cost entry point.

Don't forget the need for a good tripod as, especially at higher magnifications, it is quite hard to do handheld. Lighting may also be needed. Like any specialty area the price of doing it well can go up pretty quickly.

  • If one "sidesteps the question slightly" then it has already been well covered here, particularly in How can I take a macro shot without a macro lens? – Michael C Sep 17 '17 at 20:43
  • I have no idea how to properly fix this then, if you are suggesting I do so. Replace my text with that link? Or just leave your comment. I admit I did not search well for this prior answer. – Linwood Sep 17 '17 at 22:01

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