I've had this printer for years and I've never been able to print anything right. This is so frustrating. I've taken another attempt at figuring it out. After replacing all the inks (even though they were barely used) it is now complaining about paper size. As far as I can tell 11 blinks = wrong paper size.

I've selected A3, my paper size is 11" x 17" and put it into the top tray. I've selected A3 from Mac photo preview app. I've also tried printing from photoshop but I end up at the same paper size dialog. I am putting the paper in top tray so the long side is sticking up vertically, as it looks like the only way it could fit. I'm running out of ideas. I'm so frustrated with this printer.

Paper size options available:

enter image description here

Update After the comment below I've edited the "custom sizes" section and added 11x17. It seems to be printing now. Thank you.. I will post my progress

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    I think you're saying the printer is complaining about paper size. Have you tried selecting 11x17 inch paper? (3rd in the list) A3 is 11.69x16.53 inches. – WayneF Sep 13 '17 at 2:10

A3 paper is 11.69 x 16.53 inches. When you select A3 with 11x17 paper in it the printer is detecting the width of the paper and telling you that it is not the size you have indicated.

If you are using 11x17 inch paper, you need to select 11x17 inches as your paper size.


You cannot tell the printer that you are printing a "Custom Paper Size", if the size you are printing is available standard pre-selection paper size list. And it might not even be a standard pre-selection. If you select "Custom Paper Size", then put in the size as 13" x 19", it will not let you print. It will tell you that you have selected a paper size the printer does not support. 13" x 19" is not a normal standard size, but then reopen the standard list of paper sizes, you will find a new size listed: A3+ 13" x 19" 33x48cm. You must select the size from the standard list.

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  • I'm not sure how this answers the question. They are looking for 11 by 17, not 13 by 19. – AJ Henderson 14 hours ago

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