Is there any way to find or jump between either graduated, radial, or brush filters that have been applied to an image in Lightroom? I often have trouble finding the little dots/pins that are placed at the centre of the filter either because they have the same shade of grey as the background they’re placed on or because the pin actually is somewhere outside of the image.

Setting Show Edit Pin to Always doesn’t help in that case, neither does the workaround of setting the image’s exposure to the lowest or highest value possible to increase the contrast between the pin and the image.

Ideally, I’d like a shortcut to jump from filter pin to filter pin. M, for example, toggles the Graduated Filter but there is no list or any clue whatsoever as to how many filters I did place thus far—or where.

I’m using the currently newest version of Adobe Lightroom CC—2015.12—but I guess this issue applies to older versions as well.

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