I want my Nikon D810 to automatically post-process my shots so that they look like old polaroid/vintage photos.

Therefore I want to create a Nikon picture control configuration file (with the program "Picture Control Utility 2" from Nikon) that I can load into my camera.

But I can't find the correct settings and adjustments to archive that look..

For some sample pictures look here or there (a bit older).


On https://nikonpc.com/ you can play online with Nikon's picture control settings and directly download a corresponding file to upload into the camera.

This question is not a duplicate (like suggested in the comments) because I know the effect can be done relatively easy with Lightroom, but I want a picture control configuration file that I can load into my camera, so that the camera automatically processes each photo taken with the correct settings to produce a polaroid/vintage look. Without the need for manuell post-processing each photo using Lightroom.


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