I recently purchased a cheap eBay softbox, and I have seemed to have broken the very cheaply made small grip head under the light unit. I have opened it up and it looks like the gears grinded together and there is no longer any grip for it to stay still. The problem was, I never tightened it up enough and it just slid and rubbed together and chewed off the rest of the grip head. I have tried to find a replacement part but either they don't make them, or I'm just not saying the proper name for the part. Can anyone help me with either supplying me with a part name, or how to fix it?

BTW. I use these softboxes for video producing.

Here is the link for the softbox on ebay: Ebay Softbox

If you have more questions, or something didn't make any sense that i said, just ask a question. Thanks, image seen below is of the entire unit, look under the logo and that's the part. :)

picture of CFL light unit


Its called a "star knob" fastener. These are readily available at hardware stores. As to the friction grip it attaches too -- Take the unit to a bicycle repair shop, they will likely have the parts you need. If not, they will point you in the right direction.


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