I have a nice 5 month old Sony RX100M4 which I bought for having an "in-pocket" alternative to my Canon 70D. It takes amazing pictures but when I have it in my pocket it keeps turning on (extending the lens). As the viewfinder is popped up every time and I never use it, my guess is that the viewfinders physical lock for some reason is unlocked and pops up.

I would like to avoid this. Is this a well-known problem with a common easy solution (like a piece of tape over the viewfinder) or is it my camera and I should look into a warranty repair?

  • I gave up on this and used a bit of duct tape to keep the viewfinder down. I like this camera but it certainly has personality. Apr 12 '18 at 6:55

Authorized service would be the most certain way to determine if it is a defect. If the camera is under warranty, a warranty claim will help the manufacturer correct the manufacture/design issue if one exists.

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