I am planning to get the Lee Seven5 for ND and polarizing filters for an MFT system. However, I would also like to do certain types of color balancing, especially fluorescent balancing, since I shoot often in museums or other indoor settings with fluorescent lights.

Lee has a fluorescent correction gel set. Is this set compatible with the Seven5?

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    A ColourChecker Passport would obviate the need for guesswork. – Tetsujin Aug 5 '17 at 14:28

If you're talking about Lee's technical optical filters, then no, their technical filters are 100mm x 100mm, so only fit their 100mm system. From the fluorescent correction filters page,

Available in resin or polyester for the 100mm System.

If you're talking about their fluorescent correction gels, then, no. Gels are for correcting lighting at the source. Generally, gels are not optically clear enough to be used in front of the lens.


As @scottbb mentioned The Lee gels are meant to filter the light source. Usually for mixing fluorescent lights with other sources. You can put them on the camera, but it will be optically worse and won't do anything you can't accomplish in post.

Since you are shooting digitally – you mentioned MFT – you are better off doing overall color balancing in the computer.

Also worth noting: modern fluorescents can be many different colors, not just the green the Lee filters are compensating for.

Using a color standard like @Tetsujin suggested is a good idea, but don't try to match it so closely that the image looks flat. Every client I've worked with preferred a good looking photograph to an accurate one even for reproduction work.

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