I've starting using the Photos app built into Mac OS (El Capitan). I appreciate the great integration with iOS/iPhone and iCloud. However, I'm not seeing any features that will let me make significant changes to the metadata, except for Title, Description, Keyword, and Location.

Are there any built-in tools or third-party extensions for Photos that will allow me to edit other metadata?

If so, can I apply metadata changes to a group of photos in this app, i.e., to a batch?

  • what other metadata are you trying to add besides Title, Description, Keyword, and Location? all metadata for the shutter speed iso, camera, editing software, and whatnot are added by the camera its self really, those are the key area's but as always there are a lot of other options. there are a lot of 3rd party apps you could use that allow you all metadata fields, and then you could just import the photos back into the photos app and replace the previous files, and it would then sync to all of your devices as normal. – TeeJay Crawford Apr 25 '19 at 10:24
  • Lightroom has batch editing options, but I use photo mechanic to do my metadata. – TeeJay Crawford Apr 25 '19 at 10:24

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