My Canon EOS digital Rebel XT Body was bought used and then repaired and now is unreliable again. It gets Err 99. I have several lenses for it and want to continue to use them. Which newer Canon body is compatible?


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Any APS-C Canon EOS body, other than the D30 from the year 2000, the D60 from 2002 (not to be confused with the later 30D and 60D models introduced in 2006 and 2010, respectively), and the 10D released in 2003, is compatible with all EF and all EF-S lenses. The D30, D60, and 10D were APS-C format Canon EOS cameras that pre-existed the development of EF-S lenses.

You haven't said what lenses you have. If all of your lenses are EF lenses and none of them are EF-S lenses then any Canon EOS body ever made, film or digital, is compatible with them. Any EOS body is also compatible with the MP-E and TS-E series lenses.

The Canon APS-C series includes the following:

  • 7D series, such as the 7D Mark II
  • x0D series, such as the 80D
  • xx0D series, such as the 400D or 800D
  • xx00D series, such as the 1300D

The xx0D and xx00D series are marketed in the U.S. as the Digital Rebel line.


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