The camera functions fine from f/1.8 all the way to f/22 when I lock the aperture ring at f/22. Whenever I try to use the aperture ring, however, it gives an fEE error and that is even on manual mode and aperture priority. I have checked the lens and can make sure that the aperture ring in fact does correctly change the aperture when it is disconnected from the camera.

Do I have a faulty lens or do I need to change a setting to allow control of the aperture from the lens instead of the camera? As far as I have read, it seems like the D3300 should allow manual control of the aperture from an aperture ring. Am I mistaken?


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The D3300 doesn't have an AI tab/feeler on the lens mount to read in the aperture manually set on any lens with a corresponding index edge, so changing the aperture on your lens from f/22 will cause issues, as the 50mm f/1.8 that you own has a chip that is only activated when the aperture ring is set to f/22 (See AI-P/D-Type Lenses @ Nikon, Nikon Lens Acronyms at byThom (AI-P and AF-D)). This chip communicates with the D3300 to allow aperture control and other metering/shooting operations. Note that the f/22 or very smallest aperture is often marked in orange on such Nikon lenses (and similarly on 3rd party lenses) as a hint to this operation.

To change the aperture do either of these things after setting the aperture on the lens to f/22:

In Aperture (A) mode: Rotate the rear command dial (you will see visual confirmation on the back of the camera).

In Manual (M) mode: Hold down the [+/-] button and rotate the rear command dial (both are on the right-hand/grip side of the camera).

Ref: See page 70-71 of the Nikon D3300 manual.


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