So I have roughly 85 pictures that are giving me the 'File contains no image data' error. The strange thing is that I can see the image briefly on the camera before the error pops up. When I try to view the images on a computer, I get nothing in Windows Picture viewer or only a portion of the picture. Is there a way to original data for each file back? I have tried Photorecovery, but it does not seem to find the corrupted files. When I run a chkdsk on the drive, windows says there are no errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Corrupt files generally cannot be recovered without backups. As Carl Witthoft comments, the symptoms you describe may be explained by:

... you're seeing the "thumbnail" image which the camera software shows before loading the actual (but corrupt or missing in your case) image...

Additional information might help elucidate the source of your problem, but won't improve the prognosis:

  • Camera make and model?
  • File format?
  • Approximate file sizes of normal and corrupt images?
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Using appropriate software, rebuild the chip/card directory. Most of the time a problem with file recovery is a corrupted directory I discovered happily. Some (Sandisk) have handy utilities for specifically this nightmare. After this happened to me, a colleague of mine ran the program repeatedly for me and each time more files were recovered. Not only my last session was saved but others up to three years ago.

All might not be lost.

Good luck.

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