I'm new to photo editing and need a little help.

I am running CS6. When I have an image selected in Adobe bridge and select the shutter symbol or open in camera raw from the file menu I get the following message. "Bridge's parent application is not active. Bridge requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature"

i can also have PS open at the same time and get the same message. The only way i get to open a picture in raw is from ps-open-look in my picture folders and select the image I want which then opens it in raw.

  • Check that this is a legitimate version of CS6 and your software (bridge, CS6, and ACR) are all compatible versions. My GUESS is you have some combination of versions, like a newer ACR. Each PS version only supports up to a given version ACR (ACR is what actually opens raw). – Linwood Jun 14 '17 at 12:55

If you're on Creative Cloud, just update everything.

If your version of PS doesn't match CS6 it could be a compatibility issue. You may also need to update your Adobe Raw compatibility too but I doubt it if you can see the Raw files in finder.

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