I had problems scanning dia film with Silverfast and plustek opticfilm 8200i. I just get about half the image and than just color bars. I'm using Windows 10 and I have a Samsung C460W printer/scanner connected via USB

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    There where no information to be found on the Internet about this problem and it's pretty hard to trouble shoot so I just wanted to share it and maybe help someone else with the same or a smilar issue – user62514 May 17 '17 at 9:06
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After a lot of trouble shooting I came to the conclusion that there where a conflict between the Plustek Opticfilm 8200i negative scanner and the Samsung C460W printer driver. When I killed the CDAServer (CDASrv.exe) process the scanner just started working as normal. CDAServer is a part of "Samsung Easy Printer Manager" and does not need to run all the time so I disables it on startup.

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