I (still) own a Samsung NX (NX300m) camera, sadly there aren't a lot of choices for NX lenses, so instead I try to use other brand lenses.

Is there any possible way I could use for example Canon or Nikon AF lenses and use that autofocus on my NX?

I do have an adapter to put Canon EF lenses on the NX, but you can't use autofocus with that, there are no electrical contacts in it.


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I'm pretty sure you're out of luck. Samsung made one mount adapter, the ED-MA9NXK, for Pentax K mount — probably because before NX, Samsung made a few Pentax-compatible cameras and lenses. But even that doesn't have autofocus. And, while there are plenty of third-party manual-only adapters, I don't think there are any AF-capable ones — and, since NX is effectively dead, I feel pretty safe in predicting that there won't be any forthcoming. (Samsung has never officially discontinued NX, but pulled it out of major markets and hasn't launched any new products in almost two years.)

So, I'm afraid you have to either enjoy what you have, or move on.


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