I am looking for a tool that would help me triage my pictures easily. I don't want to use only EXIF data but would also be interested in finding a why to apply smart filters to them. Is there a tool to automatically organize your pictures and make the process of tagging/adding filters to it faster? I am not just talking about EXIF data but organizing pictures by filters like: trees, nature, cars.

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There are tools (example: excire) that will look at image data and attempt to identify what the photo contains. Another example here. I have not used either example and only offer them as a starting point for looking at that type.

Lightroom as another example has facial recognition, which helps with a specific aspect.

While image recognition is moving forward quickly, I suspect you will find these less than reliable as a general "automatically tag images so I do not have to". Often I take very specific images, e.g. a jump shot in basketball, but the real subject may be the coach watching, or the crowd behind.

One oddball approach that has had a little work is for cameras with voice memos, to turn those into description, so you can audibly describe images and import that later to EXIF(etc) data. Only a very few still cameras have voice memos though.

More reliable will be to seek out good tools for expediting keywording (Lightroom itself is good at that, but there are many from Bridge to Photo Mechanic), and do it methodically as you shoot images. Self discipline of the photographer is the real answer. Only you will really know how they should be identified, especially if they are in any way artistic.

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