I wanted to migrate from windows(lightroom) to Linux (Darktable) for several reasons, I've got a Nikon D3100 as my main camera, I haven't had problems with .NEF files, but today I tried to edit one of my Nokia's picture but once I open the picture it looks like this:

enter image description here

So contrasted, it looks really different than the .jpg image

Do you know any alternative software to edit this kind of files?

Thanks in advance.


Well, as @vclaw pointed out, one alternative would be the current version of darktable... another would be RawTherapee. I grabbed one of the RAW/jpeg sets presented here and exported the default rendering of those two programs.

First, the rather over-saturated OOC image:enter image description here

The RawTherapee 5.0.r1 version:enter image description here

...and the darktable 2.2.3 version:enter image description here

Note that darktable gave a warning that it had no bundled color matrix for the camera, and was using one embedded in the file.

So much for default rendering. Both pieces of software are intended to be used to alter the default rendering to what the user wants, and are very capable in this regard, once you learn how to use them.


Your dissatisfaction could be solved by changing the base curve, since this camera probably doesn't have a sensible default in Darktable. Since there probably isn't a good default base curve for this file, go to the base curve module and in the presents select something like "Nikon Like" or "EOS Like". There are only a few so one might be closer to what you think the scene should look like by default.

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    ...but update your copy of darktable first! :P – junkyardsparkle Mar 9 '17 at 7:03

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