Some lenses from Samyang or Rokinon are coming with for cinema marking. Cant we use them for still photography also ?


Assuming it's in the right mount for your camera (or adaptable), you certainly can. However, be aware that:

  • Cine lenses are going to be manual focus only. Maybe not a problem, maybe a deal breaker. (Probably not a problem if you're talking about a Samyang / Rokinon / all the other indentical brands as they're manual focus anyway).
  • Cine lenses are either ridiculously expensive or not really cine lenses - just the same glass with follow focus gearing etc. They'll still have lots of focus breathing and all the other things that a true cine lens can't have.

Given that at least the Samyang cine lenses seem to be more expensive than the equivalent photo lens, I'd say you're better off just getting the photo lens if you're not going to be using the cine "features".

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