I just received a YN685 (Nikon) and a YN622N-TX (For Nikon), serial numbers 69020032 and 02072849. The firmwares are 1.08 (YN622) and 1.3.4 (YN685).

However I try I cannot seem to get wireless communication working between the two.

I am testing this: Both units stand-alone (YN622) not connected to camera.

Flash set to "622 R Slave" mode, Channel 1, Group C. Zoom set to Auto. The slave indicator of the flash (two red LEDs in the front) is blinking. On the transmitter, Group C, channel 1 selected. Group C set to TTL.

Now I believe that the flash should zoom according to the setting on the transmitter (622), which does not happen. When I press the "Test" button of the transmitter nothing happens.

What could be the problem?

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You have zoom set to Auto. That means that the camera sends the len's focal length to the flash and it zooms accordingly. Since you're testing the triggers without a camera attached, no such information is being sent, which may be why it's not zooming.

I'd recommend testing with a camera/lens attached, or testing with zoom set to manual, so you can actively change the zoom setting from the 622-TX. Likewise, you may also want to test remote power control by setting the flash to manual and adjusting power levels.


The YN685 is the Canon version. The Nikon version, which was released several months later, is the YN685 N. Are you sure you have a Nikon flash? The Canon version has silver lettering, the Nikon version should have gold lettering.

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