I am looking to be able to watch myself film on my MacBook pro through the sony a5000 and was wondering if this was possible and how? Thank you

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    Have you looked at either Sony's Camera Remote Control or (if you don't mind paying) Capture One Pro (for Sony)? – NoahL Dec 27 '16 at 16:00
  • You should follow up and let everyone know if any of this worked for you. – Lumigraphics Dec 31 '16 at 3:21

Every Mac ships with an application called Image Capture. It's in your Applications folder. It tethers to a lot of cameras. Give it a try. Free and it works great.

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Tethering your camera is supported by both Sony Camera Remote Control and Capture One Pro but Live View is not.

DigiCamControl http://digicamcontrol.com/ claims to support Live View with your model.

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EDIT: Live view is available for free through darktable on macOS. The refresh rate is low and the picture quality is poor but it is a live view nonetheless! For those struggling, sometimes other processes hijack the connection to the camera so I tried killing processes in Activity Monitor and successfully got a connection to darktable.

Live view is provided through gphoto2, which has a list of supported cameras.


At the time of writing this, Sony has updated their software to Imaging Edge. This supports the A5000 (ICLE-5000) but does not provide a live-view option.

Testing with my A5100 it works over USB and does have a nice set of options.

Imaging Edge interface

Using the mobile app Sony PlayMemories on my iPhone, I can get live view for the A5100, but the refresh rate is at around 1 Hz.

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