I have a Tokina 28mm f/2.8 lens which uses a Konica AR mount. I am trying to adapt it to fit on an E-mount body. However, the lens has a manual mechanical aperture control (circled in yellow). Are there any non-electronic Konica AR to NEX E-mount adapters which include an aperture control lever directly on the adapter?

enter image description here


Any lens with Konica AR mount (*) has an aperture ring for controlling the aperture, so I'm sure that no such adapter exists, as it would be completely redundant (and imprecise too).

The "AE" or "EE" position can't be used (it's equivalent to the slowest aperture). Just unlock the aperture ring, and choose the aperture on the lens. The camera needs to be in "M" or "A" mode.

(*) as long as the lens has an aperture at all - e.g. mirror lenses usually don't.

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