Is there any way we can make a minimalistic cartoon avatar of our photo using softwares available for linux. On Windows it can be created using photoshop. But i don't know how to create the same using softwares available for linux. I know there are softwares like gimp available for this platform but I have a very little knowledge about them. p.s. if you dont know what a minimalistic cartoon avatar or vector avatar is you can find it on marques brownlee's profile (mkbhd) on YouTube.

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On Linux (and others) you can use gmic. It exists as a command line tool or as a plugin for GIMP. With the good parameters, you can "cartoonize" a picture.

For example, you can make this : cartoonized boat

out of this : enter image description here

with a command line looking like this :

gmic input.png -cartoon 5,150,18,0.7,1.5,32 -output ./sortie/output.png

The values are respectively : smoothness, sharpening, threshold, thickness, color, quantization. There are many other kinds of features instead of cartoon like cubism, drawing, and so on (see man page).

If you need vectorial output, consider using Inkscape (menu path > trace bitmap).

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