I have to take pictures for my film class. The assignment about 3 aspects :

  • time
  • identity
  • memory

For a time I was thinking of taking pictures :

  • of a small child with the skyline of my town
  • of a police officer next to his car
  • of a statue of a man

I wanted some expert opinion and guidance, anything will help.

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It seems you are looking for inspiration.

Finding inspiration is a subject which has already been treated in this forum. Have a look at :

Your assignment's purpose is probably to develop your creative skills and find inspiration : Which sentiment do you want to create? Why subject "A" and not subject "B"? What kind of focal length using? For which purpose? Why this composition? and so on...

How one treats a subject such as "the time" is mostly opinion-based. As opinion-based question have very little utility for the rest of the world, they are out of topic on this website (have a tour : https://photo.stackexchange.com/tour).

As it is, your question will probably be closed and declared "off-topic".


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