Photo worth a thousand words is below. Summary: Darktable generates a lot of color noise which is really hard to remove in color photography. Why is that? How to fight it?

enter image description here


I use the Profiled Denoise + Equalizer for this. In the Equalizer, I pull the chrominance line to the bottom at the point which is approx 3/4 from the left.


I just saw the question looking for something else, hence the late date.

According to the Darktable manual (and my experience), the "profiled denoise" works best when used twice: once with "wavelets" and blend mode "colour", once with "non-local mean" and blend mode "lightness". For both, I usually tune down the intensity (NOT blend opacity), until noise gets just visible (preserves details better).

Also, you might want to adjust contrast/exposition, if you really want to compare with the RT image.

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