I'm looking for a software that would let me geotag photos using Google Maps (I mean that I'd select the location from Google Maps, not OSM or Bing Maps). Would you know any? (I don't have Lightroom).


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    can you explain why you want google-maps only and exclude osm/bing-maps? – k3b Mar 11 '17 at 8:39

The maps module in Darktable can use Google Maps, OSM, and several other sources. It is free and open source and runs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Photos can be geotagged by dragging and dropping.

Since Darktable is a non-destructive editor, photos must be exported to have the additional information encoded. With JPEG images, it might make sense to consider a workflow that minimizes quality potential issues caused by multiple compression cycles.

  1. Go to Google Maps and click on the desired location.

  2. The URL will change to something like


  3. Use exiftool to tag your photo:

    exiftool -GPSLatitude="$lat" -GPSLongitude="$lon" -GPSAltitude="$alt" -GPSAltitudeRef=0 "$file"

If you have Google Location History turned on, you can download KML files from Google Timeline or Takeout. Then use exiftool to tag your photos. Replace -00:00 with the value that corresponds to your time zone.

exiftool -if 'not ($GPSLatitude or $GPSLongitude)' -geotag history.kml '-geotime<${createdate}-00:00' -r -ext jpg  .

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