I notice that almost all camera use either a proprietary Li-ion battery or AA size battery for power.

May I know what is the reason for not having a camera that have USB port that can be connect to a Power Bank for supply? (since there are so many Power Bank of different mAh nowadays)

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    Sony cameras charge batteries when connected to a standard micro-USB connector, although they cannot function as a camera and charge at the same time. – szulat Oct 13 '16 at 12:23

Charging the camera battery inside the camery is a heat issue - batteries get warm to hot while getting charged, and the camera electronics, especially the sensor, would have issues with that.

Operating the camera with a cable and a power bank dangling is also not a typical use case, as you move around and hold the camera up.

Most cameras can be connected to main power with a cable if they are operated stationary (but that doesn't charge the battery - see above why)

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