I'm starting to get into photography and wanting to take a class. The camera that they are requesting needs to the following specifications

camera with the ability to independently set aperture and shutter speeds, or a digital camera of at least 4 megapixels with the same abilities as above

Use of a digital or film 35 mm SLR camera is required

I would like to purchase a film camera rather than a digital one.

Which camera would you suggest for a beginner but also use it at an intermediate level.

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We don't do shopping recommendations here (what we suggest is going to be useless next year when there are different cameras available), but I'd strongly advise buying digital rather than film.

The ability to instantly see your photo, and the effect that changing settings has, is absolutely critical for a beginner. With a film camera, the feedback loop from teaching a photo to bring able to see it and learn from it is hours or days; with a digital camera, it's seconds. Which do you think is going to let you learn quicker?

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