I know how to search for pictures containing "Mary" or "Frank" in my Lightroom library, but is there a way to search for pictures containing both "Mary" and "Frank"?


Assuming that the photos are tagged with the name of the person as keyword you can do it with these two ways:

Using the Textsearch:

  • Go to the library menu in Lightroom.
  • Select the library filter "Text".
  • Set the first dropdown field to "Keywords". (Default "Any Searchable Field")
  • Set the second dropdown field to "Contains Words". (Default "Contain All"?)
  • Enter your search in the textfield next to it : Mary, Frank
  • Lightroom should now display all photos containing the keywords "Mary" AND "Frank"

Using the Metadata filter:

  • Go to the library menu in Lightroom.
  • Select the library filter "Metadata" you should see multiple filters for different types (e.g. Date, Camera ...)
  • Click on the name of one of those filters (e.g. date), select keyword as new filter type
  • Set another filter to be a keyword filter. You should now have two filters where you can see your keywords.
  • Select the first keyword you are looking for ("Mary") in one filter. The other keyword filter should now show less keywords, as it will only show keywords of photos which also have the keyword "Mary.
  • Select the second keyword ("Frank") in the other filter, where you did not select Mary.
  • Lightroom should now display all photos containing the keywords "Mary" AND "Frank"

You can extend this with more keyword filters if you look for more persons. If you select multiple values in one filter, Lightroom will show all photos which include atleast one of them (OR).

The first approach should be easier and faster. The metadata filter approach can be interesting for browsing.

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  • Well done, I ignored that the persons where translated as keywords. Any way to distinguish Mary from Mary K? – Thomas Ayoub Aug 16 '16 at 13:34
  • 1
    @Thomas I have to look at the text search again. But it should work using the metadata filter as it will look only for the specific keyword Marythere. – Grebu Aug 17 '16 at 11:10

Lightroom is probably not the best tool for such search. However there is a tool called Wizion to search images by similarity from your own hard drive. Available from https://wizion.ai/ . So assuming you have at least one image of "Mary" and "Frank" you can use that as a reference image to find all images of "Mary" and "Frank".

Wizion allows you to quickly find images and video from your desktop and server. Imagine having personal search engine to quickly find your own digital assets. Wizion takes a reference image and finds all similar images and video. You can then save the found images in a new folder and use them in your work. Unlike competitors, Wizion does not require you to upload anything to the cloud.

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