A while back, there was a question on digikam's mailing list that unfortunately never got answered. I'd like to ask that question here.

Paraphrasing, I'd like to know what happens when, after running face detection and recognition, I go through the faces in a person's tag and click the '-' (minus) button. What I'd expect to happen is that that face does not appear under that person's tag anymore but under 'Unknown', but that doesn't seem to be happening.

I've clicked that button quite a few times and the faces never turn up again anywere, even if I re-scan my entire collection. So, in addition to what that button does (and how it differs from the 'Not a face' button), I'd also like to know how I can label the faces that I've told the application didn't belong to the people it thought they did.

  • If DigiKam devs don't know the answer, no one does. – xiota Feb 28 at 11:33
  • I'm certain they do know the answer, they just didn't reply to a thread in a user forum it seems – MikeW Mar 15 at 21:03

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