I want to take some video of a friend with a motor disorder while he is sleeping. We are doing this to help get information about what happens while he sleeps.

I have a tripod and set up my iPad to video tape. But as soon as I turned off the light, the iPad could record nothing. I thought the iPad camera mode might have some way to brighten the image so that I could record, but nothing happened.

What is the least costly way to film my friend in the dark?

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    This is probably off topic here, but briefly: Use a dim red light source for minimal disruption of biological sleep processes. – junkyardsparkle Aug 5 '16 at 6:19

You may try this app. I have not tried that app but it may work (although it is optimized for iPhones it may work for iPad please check that once)


I would suggest buying a baby camera with built-in night vision, like the DCS-825L. Costs around 180$, also has built-in motion detection and you can can control it from your iPad.

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