I tried the Sigma 70-200mm 1:2.8 Macro HSM EX DG APO on my Nikon D5300 and it won't autofocus even though the lens is supposed to have a built-in motor.

I've checked the camera settings to make sure they're set on automatic AF (tried different combinations) but the lens won't focus.

Additionally, there's no M/A switch on the lens. What am I doing wrong?


Sigma issued an advisory about compatibility with the D5300 in late 2013. They have released firmware updates for lenses that can be upgraded via their USB dock.

Unfortunately, the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens is not one of the compatible lenses listed for the USB dock. It appears your lens may not be compatible with the Nikon D5300. Because you can't update the lens using the USB dock, you will have to contact Sigma to have the lens updated. From the advisory,

You can contact your nearest authorized Sigma distributor for the firmware update. From the link below, you can see where to contact in our world network. http://www.sigma-photo.co.jp/english/network/index.html

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