I'm interested in the effects of aspect ratio on perception in photography, looking for detailed research. Could anyone recommend books, courses, research papers on the subject?

I've looked on google scholar but aspect ratio is a broad subject that has different meanings in different fields, thus I couldn't find anything relevant.

Aspect ratio can be chosen at the time of shooting, but also in post processing (Here is a thread on when to make the choice).

Knowing the theory behind it would help when making the creative decision of choosing a specific aspect ratio.

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There simply isn't enough research and conclusions to draw any relevant results for "end users" in this case Photographers. Some research on the subject though as requested:

Effects of Aspect-ratio and Size of Photographs upon the Depth Impression and the Depth Perception on their Scenes

Effects of aspect-ratios and sizes of both photographic images and their surrounding frames on the evaluation of their Kansei-impressions

But really you'd be better off with less scientific stuff most likely such as this: The Effect of Choosing and Changing Aspect Ratios in Film.

You'd likely get better and more useful information by contacting the author of one of these documents, a professor of cognitive science, or asking on CogSci.Stackexchange

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