I often shoot using AEB (auto exposure bracketing) on a Canon EOS 7D, in Custom 1 (C1) mode, to make a HDR photo.

I turn the camera, off, and next day, I might want to take a quick single exposure shot, and turn the mode back to CA, and find the camera will automatically start a 10 second count down. I hate this.

The last time I was using CA, I had manually set the timer mode to single-shooting, yet now the timer mode has grabbed the setting from when I was in C1.

How do I set the default timer mode for CA on a Canon EOS 7D to single-shooting, and not have the timer mode from C1 remain the default timer mode when I next move to CA?



First go first, you didn't read the manual. I'm a pro, but I do it everytime I get a new camera, of course I don't read everything, just the new parts. Read the manual.

  • But let me help you. First assign a custom menu's like this C3 to be the most used mode, after that C2, C1. Canon EOS 7D custom functions explained

  • Why every time you shift from C3 back to CA it goes to timer mode... You should change the time mode, to single picture. Shooting Modes

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