The user manual of the Sony a7R II does not seem to specify this detail. I have heard different things from various reviews (maybe it changed in a firmware update?) so I'm not sure what to believe.

On a related note, some cameras like the Canon 5D mark 3 and 5DS can be pushed to 7 brackets spaced by 3 EVs using the custom function menu (for a total of 18 stops of dynamic range, from 1/8000 to 30"), and can shift the ISO as well as the shutter speed to prevent extremely long exposures (e.g. 1/8000 at ISO 100 to 4" at ISO 800). Does the a7R2 have a similar capability?


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A cursory Google brings up several solid results, including this one, which reports 9 shot bracketing:

Sony a7RII features more bracketing mode options than any other a7-Series camera, including NINE-SHOT bracketing, available in both Continuous and Single Bracketing modes

3-image: 0.3 EV, 0.5 EV, 0.7 EV, 1.0 EV, 2.0 EV, 3.0 EV

5-image: 0.3 EV, 0.5 EV, 0.7 EV, 1.0 EV, 2.0 EV, 3.0 EV

9-image: 0.3 EV, 0.5 EV, 0.7 EV, 1.0 EV

He has screen shots of the settings so it would seem to be a fairly reliable source.


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