I've got about 700 videos in lightroom, and I want them to be separate so I can work on them with a totally separate workflow. I was thinking about removing all the videos from my photo folders and just dealing with them in premiere but when I took the video I also took photos and so the videos are kind of 'in context' in the photo library. Any suggestions about workflow for dealing with this situation? Is there a reason why videos are able to be imported into Lightroom, when my perception of it is that it is photography software?

  • I don't know the answer to the question, but I think you've answered exactly the part about why they're able to be imported when you say "he videos are kind of 'in context' in the photo library". It sounds like you don't want to lose that — is the question really how to keep that but keep it useful in your workflow? – mattdm Mar 19 '16 at 17:11

If you just want to filter down to your video files in Lightroom, create a smart collection and specify the collection is for files with Media Type = Video.

Lightroom 4 added some basic video processing features, so Lightroom can process video files, not just still images.


I can suggest a solution for moving videos to another folder.

I used exiftool. It's free and cross-platform (including Linux). However it's command line and can take some mental work to figure out.

Something like this below would import video files (based on the file extension) from F:\MyMess and move them into a directory structure à la Lightroom (YYYY\MM\DD), under F:\MyVideos

cd F:\MyVideos
exiftool.exe -CreateDate -DateTimeOriginal -r -m -d %Y/%m/%d "-Directory<DateTimeOriginal" "-Directory<CreateDate"  -ext MP4 -ext AVI -ext MOV -ext MPEG "F:\MyMess"

Source (and more tricks).

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