Does anyone have a photosensitive emulsion recipe that effectively works and personal experience working with it?

Please consider that i have access to lab conditions and some college level experience in chem labs. I am comfortable with the basic procedures involved and (hopefully) capable of follwoing safety precautions involved.

I want to produce a photosensitive emulsion (silver nitrate + halide, gelatin based) for amateur / artistic prints on materials other than film paper. I dabbled with this in the 1980s. In the past i had access to preformulated products but now i dont anymore (noone imports into brazil film products anymore).

NOTE: i appreciate suggestions re lomography, but that technique is not the subject here, though it might achieve similar results in some cases.


I have come across various formulae and recipes using silver nitrate and bromides mixed with a gelatin base. The ones that seem to be most consistent involve potassium bromide and silver nitrate, but recipes or lab techniques vary.

DISCLAIMER: as of this time i have not tried any of these. as soon as i do, i will update this post, preferably with a complete commented step by step


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