I am really new to lightroom so i´m sorry if i´m missing something very obvious...

I cannot find the way to save the keywords i have assigned to a set of photos in LR to reflect in the actual file. When i see any of the files in Windows Explorer the tags attribute is blank, yet in lightroom i can see the tags perfectly. If i go trough each photo and in the metadata section i click the button next to metadata status then it applies it, but doing this for each file is largely impractical, and pressing the button for a selection of files does nothing.


Here is a similar question, depending on what you want to do besides looking at the metadata it might be not really constructive to your workflow as mentioned in that answer.

Adobe Help shows you how it's done.


when you use File/Export..., and scroll through the settings, there is a block about 'Metadata'. Set it to 'Include All Metadata'.

If you use a predefined Export filter, you might have to modify that filter to that setting - use File/Export..., chose that filter on the left, modify the setting, right click the filter name and chose 'Update with current Settings'.

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