Some time ago, I found a piece of software that would provide a good guess on the software/algorithm used to save a JPEG.

If I recall correctly, it would analyze something like the compression artifacts and compare it against a known database. The result allowed to know if the JPEG was a result of specific cameras (ie: Canon Powershot A560) or image processing software (ie: Photoshop CS 8.0). Note that it would not read exif information.

What software was this?

Is it still around?


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Try JPEGSnoop:

JPEGsnoop is a detailed JPEG image decoder and analysis tool. It reports all image metadata and can even help identify if an image has been edited.

As explained on the JPEGSnoop webpage:

One of the latest features in JPEGsnoop is an internal database that compares an image against a large number of compression signatures. JPEGsnoop reports what digital camera or software was likely used to generate the image.

You can also use Amped Authenticate, which has a richer and user customizable database. It is not a free software, but a professional tool used by law enforcement and forensic labs worldwide. (Disclaimer: I am the company CEO and founder.)


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